Emergency Response Tools

Set of tools for the referral, assessment and emergency situations.

Emergency Referral

Used by partners to refer affected sites. Emergency focal points in each field office will use referred sites to prioritize rapid needs assessments.

Phone Questionnaire

The phone survey will be used by the emergency focal points to help prioritize sites for rapid needs assessment.

RNA & Emergency Distribution Tool

RNA is a form to be used by partners to conduct on site rapid needs assessments (RNA). Emergency distribution tool is to be used during or shortly after emergencies only. This tool utilizes the same terminology and has the same items as the RNA.To be used by all partners distributing relief items during an emergency.

WET Operations Dashboard

Help proactively monitor emergency situation and aggregate data for all locations in one place. Trigger alerts to help you make better decisions.


Georges Estephan / Yasser Waris

Assistant Information Management Officer / Field Officer

  UNHCR Tripoli Office

+961 70 008 408 / +961 76 182 633

estephan@unhcr.org / waris@unhcr.org

Beirut & Mount Lebanon

Maxime Cianni / Dima Jamileh

Field Officer / Assist. Shelter & Wash officer

  UNHCR S&K Building, Jnah, Beirut

  +961 79 104 141 / +961 03 423 063

cianni@unhcr.org / jamileh@unhcr.org

South (Tyre)

Jean-Pierre Tuyishime

Associate Field Officer

  UNHCR South Office, Borj El Chmali

  +961 70 455 344



Raffaella Pascarella / Fawad Aamir

Snr. Field Coordinator / Protection Officer

 UNHCR Zahle

 +961 71 911 435 / +961 79 100 052

pascarer@unhcr.org / aamir@unhcr.org